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February 01, 2007


casual net surfer

energy/volume in ethanol is less than that in gasoline. you can build an engine that gives the same power per ethanol energy as our gas engines give per gas energy, but they will still consume about 30% more volume of fuel, and ethanol is more expensive than gasoline. As for the rocket aspect, the oxidizer is just as important as the fuel. liquid oxygen is quite a different oxidizer than compressed air. with a little potassium nitrate, a snickers bar makes decent rocket fuel.


indy cars run on methanol

Nathaniel E. Acha

Can Anhydrous Ethanol be used as fuel for Gas turbines to drive an electric generator? What preparations are needed to fire to the gas turbines? Can we use Ethanol to drive an engine for power generation? what is the Kw- hr to liter ratio? Thanks

Jim Ransom

I would suspect switching to plant derived fuels would have an effect on food prices and the availability of fresh water. Also the plants need fertilizer which I belive is largely an oil derived product. However, domestic energy production resulting in energy independance means our nation would stop leaking about 700 billion dollars per year to foriegn countries and recycle those funds within our own economy. This would solve our nations deficit. Pretty good reason to develop alternative energies including ethanol!

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