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September 23, 2007


M. Simon

The age of fusion power may soon be upon us.

Bussard Fusion Reactor

Easy Low Cost No Radiation Fusion

It has been funded:

Bussard Reactor Funded

I have inside info that is very reliable and multiply confirmed that validates the above story. I am not at liberty to say more. Expect a public announcement from the Navy in the coming weeks.

The above reactor can burn Deuterium which is very abundant and produces lots of neutrons or it can burn a mixture of Hydrogen and Boron 11 which does not.

The implication of it is that we will know in 6 to 9 months if the small reactors of that design are feasible.

If they are we could have fusion plants generating electricity in 10 years or less depending on how much we want to spend to compress the time frame. A much better investment that CO2 sequestration.

BTW Bussard is not the only thing going on in IEC. There are a few government programs at Los Alamos National Laboratory, MIT, the University of Wisconsin and at the University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana among others.

Andrew Harmsworth

I'm not sure that fuel cell cars can ever match the overall efficiency of battery-electric cars. Afterall, what is a fuel cell car other than an electric car with a much more complicated "battery" which will be more costly to service, to build and to run? My money is on LiIon - I fear some companies have backed the wrong horse.

Rob Campbell

Yes I have been thinking about batteries a lot lately... the battery technology we have now is very primitive and everyone knows it... and hopefully it wont be too much longer before an innovation revolution occurs there...


Hydrogen Fuel Cell research still needs a lot of R&D. Recent developments have uncovered an improved method for creating hydrogen gas - the process utilizes microbial fuel cells to carbon-neutral-hydrogen hydrogen with *nearly 300% more energy than current procedures.

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