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September 12, 2007


Robert Chua

i think it is in the 100's of ghz. 2.5ghz (regular microwave) works with water because wavelength is close to resonant frequncy of water h-o bonds. for same standing wave effect to work with nano particles ... at least 50 GHZ. the question is what does the nano partile look like is it a strand sliver of metal. He machine might be tunable. in the salt water emperiment, it might get be 2.5ghz. this all assumes that standing waves are what makes this work. if not. then ???

dan winter

not only is this the frequency
here, but also
WHY and how it is derived=:


Dan Winter- publishes his new mathematic 'golden' proof: - How Golden Ratio (Phase Conjugate / Fractality) Causes Gravity
GOLDEN RATIO radii of HYDROGEN - actually are a PERFECT MULTIPLE of GOLDEN RATIO times the PLANCK LENGTH. There could be no other explanation than it is this GOLDEN RATIO - that holds these waves of charge together! (ultimate global scaling)
- Producing the electrical centripedal force - called GRAVITY!

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