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December 07, 2012


Mike Cornelia

I used to hate going to the dentist, but finally found one that pays extra special attention to comfort. I always hated when a doctor would just dive into your mouth with no concern. What a relief!


I'm starting to discover that one of the only ways to find a dentist in Hamilton is to search online (ex. http://www.limeridgedental.ca/en/ ). Thanks for sharing the databases that give the best results when looking for a good dentist.

Dental Implant Prices

Interesting article, easy to read. useful information for local search queries. Keep up the good work.

Bill Shields

Are people usually able to find a (http://www.drsandstrom.com) dentist on the web? I got to mine by reference, and I haven't actually looked for anyone else. I like mine over here in Gilbert, AZ. I'm too comfortable to change.

Mike Cornelia

I have been looking for a specialist who can do dental implants in Brooklyn. I don't know anything about the procedure though. Has anyone gotten this done/can they give me some advice or words of encouragement.


Thank you for posting this information about finding a good dentist. I have heard about a good dentist in ottawa that my neighbor goes to, but do you know where I should research this more? Thank you for your help!


Please correct the spelling above of 'fascinating' and 'story' .

dentist in London England

Very long to read the article...but I Enjoyed it a lot...thanks for the post.

dentist london

I nice post and lots of infromation about the provided treatment thanks
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emergency dentist

Thanks for great information you write it very clean. I am very lucky to get this tips from you

santa barbara dentist

Your articles support me a lot in all mediums of subjects.

Stern Bear

Thanks for nice information!
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Dental Solution is a place where you get multi-speciality dental care offering dental treatment, dentures, extraction, root canal, dental implants, cosmetic dentistry etc.
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dental equipment

Great information on dentistry. Searching for a good dentist online would be a great and effortless idea.


Thanks for all the advice. I need to find a dentist in Cincinnati OH, and I don't really know anyone here well enough to ask for referrals. Doing it online is definitely the way to go. http://www.kemperponddental.com/dental-services

Brad Hoss

I hope that they I can find a (http://www.paramountdentistry.ca) dentist soon. Just moved up to Ontario and those services would be appreciated.

belmont dental chair

Be careful when any website state that they have “the” solution for dental anxiety, and “the” solution is sedation dentistry . Sedation on its own won’t help with overcoming dental fears. It should be used in addition to good communication and psychological techniques, not as a replacement.

customer experience strategy

That's quite ironic, I Came across your site while browsing around with one hand and keeping the other one on my face where it hurts. How did you guess I have a toothache ?

Jake Ostler

Thanks for the info. I've been searching the web for St. Paul dentistry, and the only reliable website I've come across is http://www.snellingavenuedental.com. Thanks


This is a pretty interesting article. I've been trying to find a new dentist in Oakville so I typed that in and a bunch of stuff came up. I tried out yelp. And I think it was actually pretty helpful. http://www.lakesidedentalcentre.ca


I can see why it is a hot topic. There are too many dentist in London Ontario where I live and its hard to know which one is the best.

moonee ponds dentist

Searching an efficient dentist is a daunting job. And searching it on him becomes more critical task. A dentist’s website is a great place to start with or you can also check in a dental directory. These directories place high on search engines and help new patients narrow their search to just what they need.


I am new to the area and am searching for a general dentist in Anchorage AK. Do you know of any? Thanks.

Shanna White

Thanks for the list of potential sights for dentists lindsay. I appreciate the help!

Jenifer Jenny

Many many thanks for your sharing about the dentist. Already I have see that there are many dentist in London Ontario. I am too happy to read your post. It's very helpful for me. Carry on...

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